Message from Dame Silvia Cartwright, Chair of the Public Inquiry into the Earthquake Commission

Good morning,

I am writing to remind you that if you are interested in having your say on the EQC and what needs to change, this Sunday 26 May is the last day to get your written submission in to the Public Inquiry into the Earthquake Commission. If you have already submitted, thank you for doing so.

The Inquiry I am leading is independent and can keep any submitted material confidential. It will report later this year to the Governor-General and then to the Government on peoples’ experiences after natural disasters in New Zealand, and what needs to be done differently in EQC’s response to insurance claims.

Making a submission is simple and need not take too much of your time. You can do it online at, or call 0508 INQ EQC (0508 467 372) and my team can send you a paper form to complete with a FreePost envelope.

I’ve already heard some very good feedback from people, summarised here. I hope you will add to it, and help us make positive change for all New Zealanders.

I will provide a further update on the Inquiry’s progress as we move through the analysis of the material we have received.

Kind regards,

Dame Silvia Cartwright

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