Inquiry Newsletter #7

In the last few days I have handed over my findings and recommendations

Inquiry Newsletter #6

With this being my last newsletter of 2019, I wanted to provide a brief update on the progress of the Public Inquiry into the Earthquake Commission...

Inquiry Newsletter #5

"I have now prepared a short summary of collated comments from people. This is only a snapshot, but it should give a flavour of what the Inquiry has heard."

Inquiry Newsletter #4

"Firstly, to all those reading this who have contributed to date to the Public Inquiry into the Earthquake Commission, I want to say thank you."

Inquiry Newsletter #3

"I am writing to remind you that if you are interested in having your say on the EQC and what needs to change, this Sunday 26 May is the last day..."

Inquiry Newsletter #2

"There is still time to make a submission (until 26 May); however in this update I wanted to also make you aware of Public Forums taking place..."

Dame Silvia Cartwright

Inquiry Newsletter #1

"As you may be aware, the Public Inquiry into the Earthquake Commission is examining the role and work of EQC in the aftermath of recent natural disasters..."

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