In October, Inquiry Chair Dame Silvia Cartwright focused on considering the extensive amount of information she has sought and received; and commenced the drafting and preparation of her final Inquiry report.

This report with her findings and recommendations is due to be presented to the Governor-General by the end of March next year, and will then be considered by the Government.

A first draft version of the report will be completed before the end of this year, and extracts from it (excluding the recommendations) will be tested with the relevant parties for accuracy and according to the principles of natural justice.

Dame Silvia also considered a range of material received through the Inquiry's public engagement, to be summarised in a document due to be released in December this year.    

She also met this month with the Hon Dr Megan Woods, who initiated the Inquiry in her role as then minister responsible for the Earthquake Commission.

Dame Silvia spoke with Minister Woods about her views and insights from her time holding the EQC portfolio (it has since been transferred to the Hon Grant Robertson).

Further meetings may follow if Dame Silvia identifies any gaps in the information available to her, or any areas she feels need further discussion with relevant parties.  

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