In November, Inquiry Chair Dame Silvia Cartwright met again with the EQC leadership to discuss various issues relating to the Inquiry's Terms of Reference; with a focus on what is being done to improve EQC's readiness for future natural disasters.

Dame Silvia also made strong progress in the drafting of her Inquiry report to be considered by the Government.

Through December and January, she will be testing some of the report’s draft content with relevant parties in the interests of ensuring accuracy and upholding the principles of natural justice.

The finalised Inquiry report with Dame Silvia's findings and recommendations is due to be presented to the Governor-General by the end of March next year, before being considered by the Government.

Dame Silvia also considered a range of material received through the Inquiry's public engagement earlier this year, to be summarised in a document that will be treated as a companion piece to the Inquiry report.

This summary was originally going to be released in December, but Dame Silvia now believes it will be better to have the Inquiry report and engagement summary released together, so that there is context available for both. A snapshot of what the Inquiry heard most often from people can be seen here

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