Inquiry Chair Dame Silvia Cartwright met with the Tenants Protection Association to discuss tenants’ dealings with EQC in the aftermath of recent natural disasters, and the ongoing impacts on those tenants and the rental market. She also met with the Greater Christchurch Psychosocial Committee on the psychosocial impacts on people who have lived through the Canterbury earthquakes and dealt with EQC claims, and the legacy of these events in Canterbury.

Further meetings with EQC allowed Dame Silvia to discuss issues of interest to the Inquiry – in particular EQC’s response to reviews of the organisation over recent years, and how it sees its future role and function.

Dame Silvia also met with the former minister responsible for EQC, the Hon Gerry Brownlee, and former EQC board chairs Michael Wintringham and Sir Maarten Wevers. The discussion revolved around the insights of each from their time in leadership roles, their reflections on the operations and function of the organisation and their views on any change needed.

Two meetings with Dr Hugh Cowan, director of resilience for EQC, focused in on issues of resilience, research and education as it relates to natural disasters in New Zealand.

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