In June, the Inquiry held a series of public forums outside of Christchurch, where Inquiry Chair Dame Silvia Cartwright was able to hear the experiences and suggestions of people who had dealt with EQC in West Melton (Selwyn district), Cheviot, Waiau, Kaikōura, Seddon, Ward and Wellington.

Dame Silvia also met with elected leaders, council staff and recovery agencies in the districts of Hurunui, Kaikōura and Marlborough; and in Wellington she attended an insurance forum initiated by the mayor, in addition to meetings with the city council, and representatives for inner city residents and body corporate chairs.

A series of forums with current and former EQC staff and contractors provided Dame Silvia with insights into the experiences of working with EQC, and what changes could improve its operations.

Dame Silvia also met with a series of other individuals who had requested meetings with her to discuss their own experiences and suggestions for change.

She also met, for a second time, with the Greater Christchurch Psychosocial Committee to further discuss psychosocial impacts on people who have lived through the Canterbury earthquakes and dealt with EQC claims, and the legacy of these events for communities in Canterbury.

In a meeting with professional industry body Engineering New Zealand, discussion was around the code of ethical conduct for engineers as it relates to natural disaster response, the process for resolution of complaints and disputes, and participation in other dispute resolution processes.      

Dame Silvia also met with Peter Woods (Partner) and colleagues at law firm Anthony Harper about the representation of homeowners in establishing processes, dispute resolution and declaratory judgments.

In a meeting with private insurer FMG, Dame Silvia discussed with the leadership how it interacted with EQC, differences between the approaches of insurers, how insurers can "scale up" to meet future events, and the future of the private insurance market as it relates to natural disasters.

In a meeting with private insurer IAG, Dame Silvia discussed with the IAG leadership recent changes in the insurance market and implications for homeowners.

Dame Silvia also met with Labour MPs based in Christchurch to learn about the experience of their constituents, and their own views on the EQC response to the Canterbury earthquakes, and any changes needed.    




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