In April, Inquiry Chair Dame Silvia Cartwright met with the Greater Christchurch Partnership (a collaboration of local councils, government agencies and iwi) to understand how EQC's practices and policies have impacted on local authorities and their communities.

Dame Silvia also met with former EQC chief executive Ian Simpson to discuss his views on how EQC responded to the Canterbury quakes, how its staff were managed, EQC's preparedness for those events, and what role EQC should play in future.

A meeting with another former EQC chief executive, David Middleton, focused around EQC's preparedness prior to 2010, the effectiveness of the Canterbury response and the future role of EQC in disaster events and how it could best prepare for that.

Dame Silvia also met with Fletcher Construction to discuss its relationship with EQC in the Canterbury response, the effectiveness of the managed repair programme, and what might be done differently.      

Meetings with leaders at private insurers IAG, Vero and Tower allowed Dame Silvia to discuss with them issues around how they interacted with EQC, differences between the approaches of insurers, how the insurers can "scale up" to meet future events, and the future of the private insurance market as it relates to natural disasters.

Dame Silvia met with Community Law Canterbury to discuss its role in assisting claimants, the relative effectiveness of the Residential Advisory Service and the Greater Christchurch Claims Resolution Service and other mechanisms in dispute resolution, and how EQC could improve its practices.

In a meeting with registered professional surveyor Adrian Cowie, Dame Silvia discussed with him assessment approaches, appropriate use of expertise, and clarity around definition of key issues and terms.

Dame Silvia also met with John Patterson from the Inquiry's Community Reference Group to hear a homeowner's story of the claims process, as well as an older generation's perspective.            

She also met again with the full Community Reference Group to continue discussions on how to get the best out of public engagement.  

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