If you have signed a confidential settlement with EQC, EQC has agreed to waive any applicable confidentiality obligation and/or any other clause that might inhibit free communication with the Inquiry. You can read more here(external link)(external link).

If you have signed a confidential settlement agreement with your insurer (other than EQC) or other parties, or have given confidentiality undertakings to others, for example the court at a judicial settlement conference or to other parties at mediation, you may need to seek a waiver of your obligations before disclosing the relevant terms to the Inquiry. You may consider that you can make a submission without disclosing any confidential information, in which case we would encourage you to take that approach. Alternatively, if you consider that it is important for you to disclose some of this confidential information, we suggest you either contact your insurer direct (if they have not already contacted you) or contact the Inquiry team to discuss this matter further.

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