The Community Reference Group for the Public Inquiry into the Earthquake Commission was established to ensure the Inquiry was accessible and worked well for all who wanted to participate.

The Group was not representative of all communities of interest or viewpoints. It was comprised of a range of community leaders, advocates and EQC/insurance claimants with an understanding of peoples' experiences, and how people would want to engage and be informed.  

The Group met with the Inquiry Chair through the course of the Inquiry to provide advice and feedback.

You can find out more about the role of the Group by downloading its Terms of Reference here [PDF, 612 KB]

Community Reference Group standing with Dame Silvia Cartwright

Dame Silvia Cartwright pictured with the Community Reference Group

The membership of the Group was as follows:

  • Peter Beck
  • Garry Moore
  • Evan Smith
  • Deon Swiggs
  • Ali Jones
  • Mel Bourke
  • Cam Preston
  • Leanne Curtis
  • Dr Lucy D’Aeth
  • Ken Pope
  • Tom McBrearty
  • John Patterson

Meeting notes

13 December 2019 - Meeting notes [PDF, 229 KB]

12 August 2019 - Meeting notes [PDF, 275 KB]

13 May 2019 - Meeting notes [PDF, 223 KB]

12 April 2019 - Meeting notes [PDF, 71 KB]

25 March 2019 - Meeting notes [PDF, 95 KB]

7 March 2019 - Meeting notes [PDF, 52 KB]

13 February 2019 - Meeting notes [PDF, 46 KB]


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